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About the photos and use of them

The photos are found as thumbnails and photos with my name on - size approx 660*517 pixels. The photos has been optimized for quick loading on the net. I have taken all the photos. The original photos are taken with SONY digital cameras in sizes from 3MB to 8MB. These photos have a better quality than you see here. They can be used for prints in A4 format without problems.

All content and images ©  by Anker Nielsen, Göteborg, Sweden. Copying, downloading, duplication, reproduction, linking, commercial use, or any other use of any image on this site is prohibited without the expressed consent of the author. If your organization (profit or non-profit) would like to use one of my photos, please contact me directly.

For use or prints of the pictures take contact with me by mail. Write the name you get when mousing over the picture or look at picture properties - the names are unique. Names with dsc and number is from SONY P1. Names with fdsc and number is from SONY F707. Names with hdsc and number is from SONY F828. Names with rhsc and a number is from SONY R1. Note that the customer only acquires a non-exclusive licence for single use.

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