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Akame waterfalls 
Futami shrine 
Himeji castle 
Ise Ge-ku 
Ise Nai-ku 
Ueno castle 
Ueno town 


Pictures from different places in Kansei

List do not include all subdomains Nara , Kyoto, Nara prefecture and Kyoto prefecture.

Some places are found in 20 galleries on subdomains as: Azuchi , Osaka, Osaka prefecture, Otsu, Shiga and Wakayama

Kyoto has an overview of the 6 parts on Kyotoall


Azuchi castle ruin (Azuchi)
Hikone castle (Shiga)
Himeji castle
Kannon-ji castle ruin (Azuchi)
Kishiwada castle (Osaka pref)
Nagahama castle (Shiga)
Omihachiman castle (Shiga)
Osaka castle (Osaka)
Ueno castle in Iga
Wakayama castle (Wakayama)


Daisen park (Osaka pref)
Gofu-su garden (Osaka pref)
Genkyo-en garden (Shiga)
Ishiyama-dera garden (Otsu)
Keian ken garden (Shiga)
Kenyaki Gotan (Shiga)
Koko-en in Himeji
Momiji-dani garden (Wakayama)
Nagai botanical garden (Osaka)
Saiga-in garden (Otsu)
Tennoji park (Osaka)
Yosui-en garden (Wakayama)

Cherry blossoms

Biwa canal (Otsu)
Hikone castle (Shiga)
Himeji castle
Ishiyama-dera (Otsu)
Kimii-dera (Wakayama)
Mii-dera (Otsu)
Omihachiman canal (Shiga)
Suwa temples (Kobe)
Wakayama castle (Wakayama)

Old huses

Gokasho (Azuchi)

Tomb of emperors

Fujidera (Osaka pref)
Mozu (Osaka pref)



Awashima shrine (Wakayama)
Futami shrine near Ise
Ge-ku shrine in Ise
Hiyoshi Taishi (Otsu)
Hideyoshi Toshogu shrine (Otsu)
Ikata shrine (Kobe)
Karakuni shrine (Osaka pref)
Kondo Hachiman-gu (Osaka pref)
Nagata shrine (Kobe)
Nai-ku shrine in Ise
Omi shrine (Otsu)
Sasaki shrine (Azuchi)
Takete Taisha (Otsu)
Taga shrine (Shiga)
Tsukubusuma shrine (Shiga)
Ueno Tenjin shrine (Ueno town)
Yoshimizu jinja (Yoshino)


Betsu-in (Shiga)
Chikurin-in (Yoshino)
Chomei-ji (Shiga)
Domyo-ji (Osaka pref)
Enryaku-ji (Otsu)
Fujidera (Osaka pref)
Gokoku jinja (Shiga)
Hasedera in Hasedera
Hogon-ji (Shiga)
Homyo-ji (Otsu)
Isshin-ji (Osaka)
Kannon-ji (Azuchi)
Katsuo-ji (Osaka pref)
Kinpusen-ji (Yoshino)
Kimii-dera (Wakayama)
Kizo-in temple (Yoshino)
Kuwanomi-dera (Azuchi)
Mii-dera (Otsu)
Nonako-ji (Osaka pref)
Nyoiren-ji (Yoshino)
Ohora Benzeiten (Shiga)
Ryoan-ji (Osaka pref)
Ryotan-ji (Shiga)
Saiga-in (Otsu)
Saikyo-ji (Otsu)
Sairin-ji (Osaka pref)
Sakuramotoba (Yoshino)
Shitenno-ji (Osaka)
Suwa temples (Kobe)
Tennei-ji (Shiga)
Tonan-in (Yoshino)
Toshogu (Wakayama)


Akame waterfalls
Minoo waterfall (Osaka pref)
Nunobiki waterfall (Kobe)
Oiso forest (Azuchi)

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